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What if Kabir Singh was a girl?



Day 34 and Kabir Singh has already crossed Rs 270 crores. Its songs are on loop, viewers are giving full stars to the movie, fans are praising Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor for their marvellous acting, but, a question is haunting the minds. Will society accept the “female version” of Kabir Singh?

As evident in the movie, the character is dealing with anger management issues, alcohol and drug addiction, and domination. Looking at the reviews, viewers loved every bit the movie, right from the starting where Kabir Singh threatens a girl with a knife to the end where Preeti slaps her beau multiple times. Everybody is applauding the movie but nobody is seeing the toxicity, misogyny and violence it is portraying.

In our society, a woman is often considered as “Sanskari” aka poised, soft, and tender part of society, but, if a girl behaves in such manner – It is just not acceptable! Kabir Singh is this outrageous over-possessive over-controlling lover, who went to all extents to protect and retain his property a.k.a. Preeti. And when he begins to lose control over her, he goes bonkers and sets on a mission to destroy the world to regain his girl.

But, how comfortable would the situation be if you see a woman sabotaging her career, risking the life of her patients by conducting operations under the influence of drugs, threatening her housemaid, destroying furniture and piping down litres of alcohol after such a scenario as his? Clearly, the character would be criticised as “un-sanskaari”. What do you think? Will Kabir Singh still be ‘Applauded’ if it was a female character?
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