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Vegetable prices touching the sky



With the commencement of monsoons, the vegetable price in Ludhiana is touching the sky. As
per the conversation with local vendors, it is reported that tomatoes which cost around Rs 30-
40 per Kilogram are now costing around Rs 70-80 per kilogram. The homemakers are worried
about the sudden increase and unfortunately, the price isn’t going to fall anytime soon. The
vendors are saying that price is rising by Rs 20-30 per kilogram.

A vegetable vendor said “The rates will remain like this till the festive season. After this, the
new crop from the plains will be ready and veggies will be cheaper. All the vegetables are
coming from Himachal Pradesh and rates are too high as transportation cost is also added. The
consumers have to bear with high priced veggies.

According to the information, the capsicum costs around Rs 80 per kg, bottle gourd Rs 80 per kg
while peas are being sold for Rs 120 per kilogram, the rate of carrot is Rs 60-70 per kg.

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