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Trump’s 3-Hour Gujarat’s visit is costing Rs 100 Crore to the government



As everybody is well-aware that US President Donald Trump is visiting India on February 24, the preparations are going in full swing. Ahmedabad roads are turning into the red carpet to give Mr Trump a lavish welcome said CM Vijay Rupani. The top sources revealed the budget set aside for Trump’s visit and revamping of Gujarat which is not less. According to the information, the state government has set an estimated budget of Rs 100 Crore for all the remodelling and decoration work in Ahmedabad. Interestingly, Donald Trump is visiting only for 3-hours and the entire expenditure will be taken by the state government.

One of the officials said: “All departments have been given permission to execute all logistics and other requirements without waiting for administrative approvals to spend money as the administration is racing against time to complete preparations before the VVIP visit.”

Let’s hope Trump’s visit to India acts fruitful and brings welfare for the country.

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