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Tiger Safari: Inchara and Chirag also quarantined; Cages to be sanitized



After the doubt that even animals can fall prey to Coronavirus post a tiger in New York found positive, Tiger Safari has started taking precautionary measures. The safari officials have quarantined tiger Inchara and tigress Chirag for a few days and are sanitizing their respective cages.

Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife) Khushwinder Singh Gill said that guidelines have been sent from the Central Zoo Authority in New Delhi. In this, it has been asked to maintain the cleanliness of the living space of tigers and birds, and the entry of outsiders is restricted until the situation normalises. Accordingly, arrangements have been made at Tiger Safari.

Measures being taken

– The pots in which food is given to the tiger are sanitized twice a day.

– Tiger cages are also being sanitized in the morning and evening.

– The tigers are given fresh and quality chicken and mutton.

– Special arrangements are being made for cleaning other birds and animals cages at Tiger Safari.

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