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This video of an old couple suffering from Corona Virus has left people teary-eyed, Check it out



Coronavirus is one of the gravest epidemics that the world has fallen victim to in recent times. It’s heartbreaking to see the number of lives that the disease has claimed. An entire country is suffering because of it. As one comes across pictures, videos, and news of families bidding goodbye to their loved ones, we realize how unpredictable life is.

A video of an 87-year-old man suffering from coronavirus feeding his wife, who is suffering from the same disease, is going viral on the internet. In the video, he can be seen coming close to his wife with an infusion bottle in hand. Later, he feeds her food and water. “I’ll love you forever, every single day of forever,” he says.

The video has left a lot of people very emotional and a lot of them sent their blessings to the older couple and hoped that they would get well soon.

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