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Thanks to Coronavirus Hand Sanitizers are now 16 times costlier online



The arrival of Coronavirus in India has led to a panicky situation amongst the citizens. However, the shopkeepers are enjoying the increased demand of sanitizers and medicines amongst the citizens. Some e-sellers on Flipkart and other online sites are quoting 16 times the maximum retail price (MRP) for a 30 ml bottle of hand sanitizer.

One of the sellers on Flipkart has quoted Rs 999 for a 30 ml Himalaya Pure Hands and people are feeling deceived over the same.

In their defence, Himalaya tweeted that the prices are still the same and unidentified, fraudulent third-party sellers have listed the product at such high rates. The tweet stated: “This is to clarify that we have not increased the rates of our PureHands Hand Sanitizers. The rates of our sanitizers have been illegally increased by unauthorised third-party sellers. We are not associated with these unscrupulous sellers in any way. These are illegal practices and must be dealt with firmly in accordance with law.”

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