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Tender need not be scrapped, if qualified bids not from countries sharing a land border with India: Government



The government has said if the qualified bids are not from countries sharing a land border with India post first qualificatory stage, then the tender need not be scrapped.

India had on Thursday issued an order imposing restrictions on procurement from China, amid heightened tensions at the border.

The order had stated that if the qualified bidders came from any countries that shared a land border with India, then the tender would have to be scrapped and started from scratch.

As per the Thursday order from the department of expenditure, bids from countries sharing a land border with India would only be eligible if the bidder was registered with the “Competent Authority”.

The competent authority in this case being the Registration Committee, constituted by the department for promotion of industry and internal trade (DPIIT). Further, political and security clearance from the ministries of external and home affairs will be mandatory, the order said.

The revised General Financial Rules would be applicable to all public sector banks and financial institutions, autonomous bodies, Central Public Sector Enterprises and public private partnership projects receiving financial support from the government or its undertakings.

A relaxation has been provided in certain limited cases, including for procurement of medical supplies for containment of the pandemic till December 31, 2020.


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