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Street vendors seek relief



The National Association of Street Vendors of India has sought from the Central Government to release grant for the welfare of needy vendors instead of offering loans.

Secretary of the association Tiger Singh said, “The meeting of association members was held through video conference yesterday. In the conference, the national president and senior leaders have sought from the central government to release grant for the welfare of needy vendors.”

“Amid coronavirus crisis, vendors have been badly affected due to lockdown. When the government is giving relief package for big corporates and industrial units, why can’t the government release a relief package for the street vendors?” said Tiger Singh.

“There are many vendors, who have not been able to start their work till date. As the vendors have been facing a tough time amid coronavirus pandemic, we want the government to release a package for the welfare of the needy,” he said. Meanwhile, the vendors have demanded from the government to setup vending zones for them at the earliest.

Source :tribuneindia

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