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Small-scale businessmen want permission from the administration to begin operations



The Janta Nagar Small Scale Manufacturers’ Association has stated that while the administration had given permission to other industries to start operations, the industry located in the mixed land use areas are not being permitted to open units.

Jaswinder Singh Thukral, president of the association, said this industry was operating from houses where father-son work, brothers work together and not much labour was coming from outside.

“We have to go from one room to another to start manufacturing the products we make, but we are denied the permission by the administration. We will be more cautious while doing our work as this is to be done by us (in most of the cases). If they will not permit us, we will be on roads. Why we are not being permitted to start with our manufacturing?” rued Thukral, demanding that there are over 5,000 such industries which are small/micro in the mixed land use areas and they should also be allowed to start with their operations.

Source :tribuneindia

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