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Rs 50000, 800 UK pounds, jewellery and 2 mobile phones stolen from a wedding



A massive robbery occurred at a wedding in Chandigarh Road. Three thieves stole a handbag containing Rs 50,000 cash, 800 UK pounds., gold jewellery and 2 mobile phones. According to Gurinder Kaur, a 45-year-old resident of College Road, at the wedding, she went up on the stage for a few minutes and left her bag on the chair. When she came back, the bag was missing. She looked for the bag in the entire hall but could not find it anywhere. Later, a police complaint was registered in the police station.

Police have found the CCTV footage of the hall and have the pictures of the three accused. The images have been circulated on social media in order to identify them. Gurinder’s daughter Simran Kaur was getting hitched at the Sunrise Marriage Palace.

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