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Respected authorities, would you mind resolving these Top 10 issues of Ludhiana?



Ludhiana may be called “The Manchester City of India” but surely the real picture will shake you from head to toe. Ludhiana as shown is all “Beauty-beauty” however the ugly part of the story remains hidden beneath the glamour. So, why not have a look in the mirror and face the ugly truth of Ludhiana?

Here’s a list of issues which are long-standing and unresolved – Not only troubling the people of Ludhiana but also acting as the biggest hindrance in the development of the city:

Jagraon Bridge in ruins: The project that was supposed to be completed within a year! 3 years gone and Jagraon Bridge is only creating traffic jams, pollution and commuting problems in the city. Nonetheless, congratulations to MC for celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Jagraon Bridge in 2019.

Sherpur Chowk Flyover: Going to factories and shops near Sherpur Chowk is a real challenge people take every day. Regular traffic jams of minimum 30 minutes have become a part of the routine just because the construction work is going on the pace of a snail.

City Centre SBS Nagar: More than 15 years passed, crores of rupees wasted, a huge part of land brought to no use, material dumped and the place is in ruins. Some say it is a scandalous project, while others wait for its completion. But, in Ludhiana, we say “Patience is the biggest virtue, so let’s not lose hope”

Ferozepur Road Flyover taking a lifetime:  Maybe Ferozepur Road flyover will connect all the major routes of Ludhiana, but, the construction is moving at a speed of a tortoise. If you want to go MBD Mall or nearby areas – I hope you are keeping a buffer of 30-45 minutes because traffic isn’t going to move smoothly all thanks to the flyover under construction.

South City: Indeed, one of the most beautiful roads of Ludhiana which was covered with trees perfect for long drives. Well, the south city was once said “greener city of Ludhiana” which is now ruined by cutting trees just for a highway project.

Waterlogging problems: 2019’s monsoon showed the true image of the smart city and its planners. Large potholes, waterlogging and ill-drainage facilities are prevailing in the city and the Municipal Corporation Authorities are chilling and enjoying their rainy days with a warm and aromatic cup of coffee.

Lousy Law and Order: Considering the thefts, harassment, murders and accidental cases happening in the city, people are terrified from within. The citizens feel insecure and unsafe in the city knowing nobody is there to safeguard in case of emergency. Calling helpline numbers is like wasting time because nobody picks from the other side.

Buddha Nullah: Popular by its name, this Nullah is one of the major reasons behind Ludhiana’s pollution, sewerage, health issues, and accidents in the city. Flowing in the city and nearby areas, Buddha Nullah’s water comes on streets during monsoons which spread diseases amongst the citizens. Politicians every time promises to transform it into a dariya but time and again promises turn false and Nullah remains the same.

Pathetic Waste Management Situation: Collecting wastes from houses, shops, factories and industries is a daily ritual but dumping and not managing is a vice. While strolling in the city you will find various dump yards, some big some small, some stinking and then coming on the roads – but is there any waste management system? Oh no!

Tangled Smart City: There was a time when electricity cuts used to be a great issue. With every passing year, the city may have developed a bit but electricity problem still unresolved, however, another addition is there – Tangled wiring. Most of the residents suffer from excessive wiring which has given rise to accidents and even deaths.

Author at Ludhiana Live Media. Her work combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction – Based in Ludhiana and India.