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Rainwater Harvesting- Few residents of Ludhiana understand the need, do you?



Rainwater Harvesting- Few residents of Ludhiana understand the need, do you?

Groundwater depletion, monsoon delay, water wastage and crisis has become the most viralled topics of the day. Every morning in Ludhiana begins with a news about water crisis nowadays considering the adverse condition of water management in the city. However, there are a few people whose only motive is to conserve groundwater. On one side, not many citizens are understanding the urgency of saving water, while, on the other side, a few are concerned about the situation and contributing towards its conservation.

Pradeep Malhotra, a businessman and resident of BRS Nagar, had got a rooftop rainwater harvesting system installed in his house in 2016. He said: “All water coming from the rooftop goes in this rainwater harvesting system installed in my lawn. It is helping putting water back in the ground, and it is the most important thing these days.” In addition, he said that he spent Rs 50,000 as a one-time investment which helped him in returning the water to its base.

Another resident of Sukhmani Enclave, Rajnish Goyal has also installed a rainwater harvesting system costing Rs 1.5 lakh in his 800 square feet area. He said that “with this system more than 5000 sqaure feet area is covered which ensure safety and conservation of rainwater.”

Renowned jeweller and environment lover CK Jain, resident of Gurdev Nagar said: “In January this year, I got my house renovated, and rooftop rainwater harvesting was my priority during the construction work. I spent almost Rs1 lakh on the installation of the system that covered 5,000 square feet of the rooftop, whereas the total area of my house is 1,500 square yards. Before sending rainwater in the ground, filtration takes place through two tanks, and then it goes deep in the ground for boosting the ground level,” he said, while adding that its cost was somewhere around Rs1.95 lakh.

Sources suggest that on an average, Ludhiana needs 575mm of total rainfall in a year. To raise the level of groundwater above the minimum point then approximately 45000 litres should be saved every year. Ludhiana is becoming a very beautiful, smart, and developed city but due to depletion of natural resources it is also experiencing unwanted and ugly consequences. Some people have joined hands and have already taken an initiative. Are you ready to contribute in making the city green and clean once again?

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