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Punjab: Groom found COVID-19 Positive right before wedding; Bride and both families quarantined



Coronavirus is taking a toll on Punjab, another case came in front in Moga. Unfortunately, a man who was about to get married on 13th April got positive of Coronavirus. Due to his positive report, his would-be bride and both the families have been quarantined.

As per the information, a month ago both of them got engaged. A few days ago the boy was found to be Corona positive, which postponed the marriage. The health department has quarantined both families. At first, the groom came out positive which led to a tensed situation in both the families. Yesterday, an ambulance with police came to the girl’s house where her family was tested and quarantined for 14 days. According to the sources, all the samples of the bride’s family including herself are negative and the groom is also recovering. 

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