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Post-Monsoons Buddha Nullah is back to its reality



During monsoons, the residents of Ludhiana suffered from major sanitation issues due to overflowing Buddha Nullah. The civic officials made several attempts to clean the nullah and prevent it from overflowing. However, as the season ended, the situation worsened because people began to throw garbage in it.

The officials on scrutiny informed that layers of garbage covered the nullah. They said that New Kundanpuri Bridge is worst as plastic bottles were recovered from the drain. One of the residents said: “Whenever the rainy season begins, the civic body cleans the garbage from inside the drain, but other than that, they are least bothered.”

In order to clean Buddha Nullah and create awareness amongst the residents, the municipal corporation of Ludhiana also proposed to impose a fine of Rs 5000 on those caught polluting. Apart from this, they also said that a prize will be given to anybody found working for the betterment of the Nullah but no step has been taken by the civic body until now.

Author at Ludhiana Live Media. Her work combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction – Based in Ludhiana and India.