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Ludhiana City News

Post-Monsoons Buddha Nullah is back to its reality



During monsoons, the residents of Ludhiana suffered from major sanitation issues due to overflowing Buddha Nullah. The civic officials made several attempts to clean the nullah and prevent it from overflowing. However, as the season ended, the situation worsened because people began to throw garbage in it.

The officials on scrutiny informed that layers of garbage covered the nullah. They said that New Kundanpuri Bridge is worst as plastic bottles were recovered from the drain. One of the residents said: “Whenever the rainy season begins, the civic body cleans the garbage from inside the drain, but other than that, they are least bothered.”

In order to clean Buddha Nullah and create awareness amongst the residents, the municipal corporation of Ludhiana also proposed to impose a fine of Rs 5000 on those caught polluting. Apart from this, they also said that a prize will be given to anybody found working for the betterment of the Nullah but no step has been taken by the civic body until now.

Author at Ludhiana Live Media. Her work combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction – Based in Ludhiana and India.


Ludhiana City News

City Lad Lakshay Sharma to represent India in Junior Asian Championship



Lakshay Sharma, a 14-year-old shuttler from Ludhiana is set to represent India in U-15 singles and doubles sections of the Junior Asian Championship which will be held at East Java, Indonesia. Lakshay is a student of Sacred Heart Convent School.

Commenting on the same, Lakshay said that he was elated to find his name in the list. he is the only player from Ludhiana. He gave the credit to his father who is also his coach. Lakshay has trained hard for the last 4-5 years. He used to wake up at 4 am in the morning and star with the hardcore training.

Appreciating his work and thanking the associations, Lakshay’s father Mangat Rai Sharma said: “In the past 30 years, no one from Ludhiana has been able to get a berth in the junior India team for this big a tournament. Lakshay has a unique quality of securing maximum points in early rallies with his quick footwork. I am grateful to Ludhiana Badminton Association and Lakshay’s school for extending every possible support to him.”

Lakshay is also the first shuttler to represent Punjab in the Khelo India Games. It’s an initiative by the ministry to produce talented sportsmen for the upcoming Olympics.



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Ludhiana City News

After Sangrur case, a 15-year-old laborer dies after contractor hits him in Ludhiana



Ludhiana is a city where thousands of labourers come from various states with the dream of getting employment and earning wages. Majority of the times, these people are able to earn a reasonable amount of salary but when it comes to respect and dignity, it’s seldom there.

In a horrific incident, a 15-year-old labourer from Bihar who was working in a plywood factory was hit by his contractor on the head. Lovekush, the labourer, was already unwell. On 7 November, he was hit with a wooden stick by the contractor Raghubir Paswan. After he started bleeding, the contractor took him to a nearby nursing home and got him bandaged. The hospital staff asked to get tests done which cost Rs3500 but avoided and took Lovekush back.

His condition kept deteriorating in the next few days. He was taken to PGIMER on November 14th. His family was informed who were residing in Bihar. Lovekhush died undergoing treatment, the same day.

An FIR has been registered against the accused contractor. “We have booked the contractor Raghubir Paswan under Section 304 of Indian Penal Code and Section 75 & 79 of the Juvenile Justice Act based on the complaint of the boy’s father. The accused is yet to be arrested

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9 things you will only find in Ludhiana



“Apna Ghar Toh Apna Hi Hota Hai,” no matter what you do, where you go, and how big you become, it is impossible to get away from your roots. Similarly, it doesn’t matter if you go to Delhi, Mumbai, or Canada, but nothing compares to Ludhiana coz “We are pakke Ludhanvis by heart.”

Being one of the largest cities of Punjab, Ludhiana is classified as “Smart City” and “Mini Delhi” for its iconic places. Here’s the list of Top places which you will find only in Ludhiana: 

A Beautiful Mess – The Clock Tower

Back in time Clock tower was considered a milestone by the British. It was made to mark the silver jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign. Inaugurated in 1906, the prestigious Clock Tower is Ludhiana’s heritage.

Traditional Sangla Wala Shivala Mandir

The 400-year-old temple of Ludhiana, Sangla Wala Shivala Mandir holds a special place in Ludhiana. The temple celebrates Shivratri on a large scale with thousands of devotees visit the Mandir early morning to worship Lord Shiva.

Ancient Lodhi Fort

Lodhi Fort, locally known as Purana Qila, was a grand structure which now lies in ruins due to its poor maintenance. This 500-year-old fort was constructed by Muslim ruler Sikander Lodhi in the last decade of the 15th century. It is situated near Daresi ground and is the only fort in Ludhiana with historical importance.

Gurdwara Dukhniwaran Sahib

Located in the heart of Ludhiana, Gurdwara Dukhniwaran Sahib is the only gurdwara where 24-hour Sewa Simran Gurbani Kirtan takes place. Equipped with Hi-Tech projections, this gurdwara puts Gurbani on wide screens so devotees can better understand the hymns of the scripture as the priests sing.

Jam-Packed Chaura Bazaar

Situated in Old Ludhiana, Chaura Bazaar is not so chaura but the oldest market in the city. It is considered the busiest market with everything available in its lanes. It is well-known for its flea market that is set up every Sunday.

Iconic Rakh Bagh

Lush green garden, toy train, open gym, rides for children, and running track for the youngsters, Rakh Bagh holds a special place in our memories. Filled with greenery everywhere, the park is extremely beautiful places to visit and have some “me” time in its serenity.

Kipps Market

During childhood days, having ice-cream and slush at the Kipps market was the weekend ritual. Roaming around the street, chit-chatting with friends and visiting restaurants at Kipps, we didn’t realize when we grew up and still this place remains the favorite place to visit. Isn’t it?

Hardy’s World

The fondest memory of school days was going on a trip to Hardy’s World. Fun-filled rides, picnic in the park, and refreshing slides in the water park, Hardy’s World used to be the most amazing and adventurous places. This is a place where you can always be young.

South City

The Gedi-route of Ludhiana, South City is the place where most of us have spent our young days. Going on long drives with friends, photo-session with Chai, and lots of memories at F2 racing park. This is the place that still stands special for us even today.

Ludhiana may have some issues which need urgent attention from the government, but this city remains close to our heart and it always will. This is the city where we have grown up and have made several memories at each of the above places. No matter what happens, we will always LOVE LUDHIANA!

If you also love your Ludhiana, then do share your fondest memory of the city in the comment section and tell us if you can relate with us!

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