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Police in Tripura lodge FIR against BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman for violating Covid protocol



Guwahati: Police in Tripura have lodged an FIR against former minister and BJP MLA Sudip Roy Barman for allegedly violating COVID-19 protocol.

Following his visit to a COVID care Centre on Sunday, the deputy commissioner of West Tripura district has asked Barman to go for a 14 day quarantine.

The MLA however refused to go to the quarantine centre state till he was assigned as a very mild/mild, moderate, severe symptomatic asymptomatic Covid patient by a medical officer.

Barman in a letter to the deputy commissioner of West Tripura district, Sandeep Mahatme stated, “It’s been almost midnight of 2 August 2020 and I have not yet been served with the copy of memorandum addressed to me, though it has reached the media houses and has been viral on the social media. The intention of the memorandum has thus been made clear even to a layman .However having noticed in the social media. I would like to respond that the memorandum being signed by you is not in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare dated 2 July 2020”.

He added, “Firstly, I ought to have been clinically assigned as a very mild/ mild, moderate, severe presymptomatic /asymptomatic Covid patient by a medical officer. Secondly, I had put on the PPE Kit by trained doctors posted at the Bhagat Singh Covid Care Centre and had taken all precautionary measures so that I don’t get contaminated and had maintained more than one metre of distance with Covid Patients. Thirdly, my going to the CCC(Covid Care Centre) was in the knowledge of the Directorate of health services (DHS), as well as the Medical Superintendent (MS) of GB Pant Hospital and thus my entry was not unauthorised”.

He said, “Prior intimation had reached the persons concerned of Bhagat Singh Covid care Centre, that is the reason immediately after my arrival, the main gate was opened and the doctors present there took me to the changing room wherein the PPE Kit was being available to me”

Barman said, “You have asked me to remain in institutional quarantine at the RSTI Quarantine Centre AD Nagar, though I have not been tested or having any symptoms and not being advised by a medical officer. It seen some vested interested persons are trying to put me intentionally in the RSTI Quarantine Centre so that I can easily come in contact with others who have been tested positive, which would be hazardous to my health. I would, thereby, state that as long as I am clinically assigned as a very mild/mild, moderate, severe symptomatic asymptomatic Covid patient by a medical officer, I would not be available to go for any sort of quarantine.”

Recently allegations of violation of the covid-19 protocol were labelled against Barman for hosting dinner at his official residence. It is alleged that around 80 people attended the dinner hosted by Sudip Ray Barman in the MLA hostel on Sunday.

Barman who was former health minister however denied the allegation. He said that the allegations were baseless. Barman was removed from the council of ministry in May last year.


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