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PM Modi’s Special Protection Group Budget set is Rs 1.62 Crore a day



Post the amendments in the Law made last year, a question was raised in the session of Lok Sabha asking about the members listed in the SPG and CRPF Protectees by DMK parliamentarian Dayanidhi Maran. The home ministry gave a written reply confirming that only PM Narendra Modi is listed in the SPG list.

Recently, it was found that the budget allocated for SPG in Budget 2020-21 is approximately Rs 592.55 crore equivalent to Rs 1.62 crore per day. Taking both the facts into consideration, it was found that currently a 3,000-strong force of special commandos and such a huge monetary budget is allocated for the protection of PM Narendra Modi.

The SPG Act came into existence after the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. The act created a force for the protection of the Prime Minister and their immediate family which at that time included Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

The amended SPG Act says: “the elite force is responsible for the security of the serving prime minister and the immediate family staying at PM’s official residence, and the former prime minister and the immediate family for a period of five years since leaving the Prime Minister’s Office.” So, being the PM and having no family, Narendra Modi is currently enjoying the Special Protection Group services alone.

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