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PM Modi is the only World Leader to be followed by White House



PM Modi is the only World Leader to be followed by White House

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many countries working together to fight the virus and save their people. Amid the outbreak, an interesting development was seen taking place on Twitter between PM Modi and White House. The official Twitter handle of the President of the United States of America – The White House – followed the official handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

white house follows PM modi on twitter

White House follows PM Modi on twitter

One of the reasons why this is particularly interesting to note is because twitter handle of The White House follows only 19 handles among the vast pool of people on this social network. The official handles of PM Modi, Prime Minister’s Office; as well as President Ram Nath Kovind are the prominent Indian handles amongst these 19. The White House handle has over 21.4 million followers.

This move is also considered to be of strategic significance because The White House does not follow any other global leader, making Narendra Modi the only one in the list. The others among the select 19 are Vice President Mike Pence, Donald Trump, POTUS, First Lady Melania Trump and others. Two other Indian handles followed by The White House are US Embassy in New Delhi, and Embassy of India in Washington DC.

This development comes following the days after Trump had ‘warned’ India of “retaliation” if it banned the export of hydroxychloroquine – an under trial drug being tested for the cure of COVID-19 – which Trump had named a “game changer” drug. After the warning, New Delhi had eased its restrictions on the export of hydroxychloroquine, prompting Trump to send a big “thank you” to his pal Modi.

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