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‘People find ways to circumvent lockdown’



‘People find ways to circumvent lockdown’

Gagandeep Singh posted as Sub-Inspector in Ahmedgarh city stays away from his five-month-old son, who was born premature and whose immunity system is weak. Staying away from family has been a conscious, albeit difficult, decision in wake of Covid-19 outbreak. The nature of his duty may expose him to Covid-19 carriers and even positive cases. He visits his home only once a week. While performing his duty, he gives preference to it irrespective of potential dangers it entails.

“You may have apprehensions, but once you are on official duty, you are automatically geared towards is discharge,” he says. Taking precautions like washing hands, sanitization and social distancing, he has been maintaining a healthy routine and lifestyle, and also motivating people to do the same while prevailing upon them to stay at home during the lockdown.

“People should take the lockdown seriously. While on my duty, I noticed that people are interested in finding ingenious ways to circumvent the lockdown. This attitude smacks of irresponsibility and should be avoided at all costs,” he adds.

Gagandeep Singh has a suggestion for banks operating during the lockdown. “While conducting their business, they should go wardwise in banks. It will streamline services and make social distancing easier,” he says. “We have to make all-out efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This can be done if each one of us acts responsibly,” he adds.

Source : tribuneindia

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