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Ludhiana Team of Britannica International School attends Cambridge School Conference in UK - Ludhiana Live
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Ludhiana Team of Britannica International School attends Cambridge School Conference in UK



The pedagogy and curriculum at BIS is unique and addresses the present-day learner. It accommodates the diverse learning needs of students and makes teaching and learning a joyful experience. It is a school with a difference and has niched a name in Ludhiana in a very short span of time. BIS, Ldh never misses any opportunity to display the diversity of its methodology. The school believes in providing a congenial environment for learning with a balance of both academics and extracurricular activities.

The school makes an earnest endeavour to keep the academic staff abreast of the needs of the new generation. Working in a team as educators, one needs to have good communication skills, team-building skills, collaborative problem-solving skills, etc. along with the academic knowledge and cognitive skills needed to be effective and efficient. Keeping in view, the school management enrolled its teaching staff for various Cambridge trainings held across the globe. The academic staff along with the school administrators attended subjectivity based Professional Cambridge trainings for Primary and Lower Secondary education. The school management believes in keeping their teachers abreast with the latest updates required to implement best practices in the classroom. The School administrators have been a part of all the Cambridge Community Meet in the North Region and at All Indian level held at Gurugram, Nabha & Bangalore ensuring to bring back to school all the practices shared during the meet.

School Director Jagjit Singh also initiated to visit the United Kingdom  in the month of September 2019 to attend the Cambridge Schools Conference “Evaluating impact: how effective is our school and classroom practice?”.Attending the Professional trainings the school Director professed that BIS does not push children into academics, the essential pillar of a learner is understanding but believes in integrated learning at School. The knowledge which children gain through Practical sessions were shared by him. The concept of introducing learning centres has been adopted to help children learn practically.

He also shared that the educators and leaders from across the globe were participative throughout the conference. The queries and concerns of each one were answered. The conference also included various workshops which very well reflected the healthy intentions of being partners in the child’s progress. His experiences also stated that the generation of young people born are growing up in an environment that is characterized by rapid social media and globalization and the young minds need great support as generation gap has always drifted relations and has been a cause of controversies. He also briefed the staff as to how they can provide their optimum support so that the children grow to become resilient, productive and compassionate.

Accomplishing this motive through attending professional training and conferences has resulted in being rewarded with a happy workplace to be created at school for all. Britannica International School, Ludhiana ensures that the children grow into happy and intrinsically motivated individuals were they are encouraged to ask questions and resolve their doubts for empowering them to contribute significantly to their child’s journey of life.

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