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Ludhiana Police: Follow curfew rules otherwise FIR will be made against violators



Ludhiana Police is making people aware of the curfew rules every day. However, some residents of Ludhiana are still not understanding and are violating rules by coming out of their houses. To keep the city safe from Coronavirus, the police have issued a last warning.

In their post, they said: “Let us give a warning to all the people to stay at home in Ludhiana. We will be more strict in implementing curfew in Ludhiana from tomorrow. Any violation of curfew rules will attract an FIR now. People who have any kind of pass to move out of their home, can only use it between 10 am to 6 pm. hope it is clear.”

So, now if anybody found violating the rules will not only end up in jail but will also attract an FIR leading to a case afterward. Stay at home and stay safe.

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