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Ludhiana Police arrest men with pills, find out they were licensed businessmen



Police arrested men with pills, found out they were licensed businessmen

Ludhiana Police and businessman went face-to-face for the entire day with two cartons of tramadol pills which are used as intoxicants. According to the police, the tablets were banned, while the trader was calling it legitimate. After checking the papers the Drug Inspector of the Health Department and the police released the shopkeeper’s car after four hours. This shopkeeper was from Pindi Street was going to deliver the drug at a shopkeeper near DMC.

Later the shop owner and the head of Pindi Street Wholesale Chemist Association GS Chawla reached Kotwali and told the police that these medicines were on the bill and that Tramadol had a separate license for the drug, but the police didn’t trust them. Later, they called the drug inspector Ravi Gupta, and after checking the papers, he released him.

According to GS Chawla Pradhan, Pindi Street Wholesale Chemist Association, Nishant Arora, Munish Kakkar, Ashwani Juneja, Yogesh Kumar YK, the police is harassing them on the name of drug testing. Even this time despite his complete papers, his agent has been kept in the police station for four hours. They added, the police should stop this kind of action, otherwise, they will stop selling these medicines, due to which cancer patients will suffer.