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Know what are five most powerful military forces in Asia



List of Top 5 most powerful military forces in Asia


Russia have the strongest military force in Asia and holds the second rank in all over the world. It has 3,586,128 military personnel and their aircraft strength is 3,914,818 fighter aircraft,  20,300 combat tanks and 352 naval assets. Apart from this, their total defense budget is $47 billion.

Russian military

Russian military


China is the most populated country in the entire world and also the country with the most powerful military force. It has about 2,183,000 active military personnel, and some 510,000 in reserve. While China’s not exactly transparent about its military budget, official records show a steady increase in military spending, from $148 billion in 2014 culminating at $175 billion in 2018. China’s military has 13,000 combat tanks, 40,000 armored fighting vehicles, 4,000 self-propelled artillery, and 2,000 rocket projectors. Apart from this it also has 94 submarine chasers, 33 destroyers, 1 aircraft carrier, and 255,000 naval personnel making China the second-largest naval force in the world.

china's military

China’s military


India is the second most populated country in the word 1,281,935,911. Whereas India holds 4th rank worldwide and 3rd rank for its military forces. it has 4,207,250 military personnel, 4185 aircraft, 590 fighter aircraft, 4426 combat aircraft, 295 naval assets, along with a defense budget of $47 billion.

Indian Military

Indian Military


South Korea holds 7th rank worldwide and 4th rank in Asia for its military force. It has 625,000 active personnel and 5,202,250 in reserve. 1614 aircraft (ranked 5th in the world), 406 fighter aircraft, 2654 combat tanks and 166 naval assets. South Korea has hiked his 2019 military budget to the highest (8.2% increase, from $39 billion to $42 billion) since 2008 – when it had made steady increments of 5.7%.

South Korean Military

South Korean Military


Japan maintains 247,157 active personnel and 63,300 in reserve, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of land army, but with a budget of $47.3 billion, Japan holds the eighth spot for the highest military budget in the world, and second-highest amongst East Asian countries.

Japan's Military

Japan’s Military

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