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Kidnapped son of Karnal’s plywood businessman, not returned despite giving ransom



Plywood Businessman's son is missing

Vishwa Bharati, son of plywood businessman Darshan Singh is missing since last two days in the town. The miscreants have demanded a bribe of five lakh rupees after kidnapping. The family has also sent two and a half lakh rupees at the address mentioned on the phone. Despite this, the son has not reached home yet. The family is afraid by this incident. The police is searching for the son of the businessman and has filed a case against unknown miscreants.

Darshan Singh, a plywood businessman, resident of ward nine, told the police that around eight o’clock in the morning, a young man with a muffler came to his house. He offered to buy ply. He was asked to reach the shop, but after some time when Darshan Singh went to the shop, this young man did not appear. After this, the son, Vishwa Bharati alias Vishu (30 years), sat in the shop and Darshan went to take bath at home. After some time, when he reached back at his shop he saw that his son was not in the shop. When he contacted, his son’s phone was found to be switched off. This event took place at quarter past ten.

According to the family members they said that after about two hours, the neighbor got a call from a son, Vishnu informed them regarding his kidnapping and said that a demand of five lakh was being made in lieu of leaving him. The son told that someone is threatening him with the name of Krishna Dadupur. When the neighbor talked to his father, he asked him to arrange for five lakh rupees. Vishu urged him to send the two and a half lakh rupees kept in the house to the mentioned address of the miscreants and told them not to inform the police.

Vishu’s father Darshan Singh and neighbor Buta Singh were called to Pundarak to pay a ransom of two and a half lakhs in a call on a neighbor’s phone. On reaching there, kidnappers again made a call and told them to reach at the Jhilmil Jhab of Uchana. Further they were asked him to reach at Vivaan Hotel. After some time, Darshan Singh got a call, asking to put the bribe money under the  tree in the field. He said that the son would be released after receiving the money, but neither the son returned nor could find any clue till late night.

According to the station in-charge Ramphal, in the footage, Vinshu came out of the shop at 9:40 am, and turned towards his home street. He was accompanied by a young man with a muffler on his mouth along with a hoody . He said that a case was registered on behalf of the police. The CIA-Two is investigating the case intensively, in which the local police is also supporting.

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