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Karan Johar breaks his silence on the ‘Drug Party’ video



In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Karan Johar called the allegations baseless. He
said that their mother was sitting with them 5 minutes before they made the video. It
was just a gathering of good friends with good food and mood.

“There were achieving members of the industry who were having an easy night out
after a hard week of work, having a good time. I took that video… With all the
earnestness, would I be putting out that video if there was anything happening at all?
I am not stupid.”

“I toyed with the idea of giving out a statement. I toyed with giving out a thought on
the social media about something. I thought if I justify it will start looking that I am
speaking too much in defence.”

Apparently you are not allowed to scratch your nose. Apparently, you are not
allowed to put your phone in your back pocket. Apparently, a shadow of light is
perceived to be some kind of powder.”

Karan added that Vicky Kaushal was sipping lemon water having recently recovered
from dengue. While the rest of them were having wine and chatting.

“I am not taking this very kindly, the next time where baseless accusations, I will take
the legal route. You cannot mar our solid reputations, our sincere reputations, our
committed reputations just because you are presuming something. You cannot put
out a baseless accusation that has no base, no fact, no truth, no reality and try and
mar us and our reputations. It’s ridiculous.”

I am, now afraid to call up people to my home thinking that they might be afraid to
show up," the filmmaker said.