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Panga – An ode to mothers and their second chance to passion and dreams



“Panga” is a narration of every mother who is waiting for a second chance in her life.
It’s a sketch of every mother whose career takes an edge off once she steps into the motherhood.
It’s a portrayal of every mother who still considers housekeeping, homemaking and raising a child is her prime domain.
It’s an account of every mother who is a mother in heart and mind.
It’s a tale of guilt every mother feels constantly while pursuing her dream.
“Panga” is not only about anguish and resentment a mother deals with rather it is here to remind the women that it’s never too late to find your silver in heaven.
It’s an encouraging story of a 32-year-old mother, Jaya Nigam (Kangana Ranaut) who was once a national-level kabaddi player but her career took a back seat due to circumlocution of motherhood. Then how her family reasoned her resurgence after eight years of her marriage.
The ace actor, Kangana Ranaut is truly magical on-screen in her simplicity. She is so relatable when she says, ” She feels blessed when she sees her husband and son but doesn’t feel the same aliveness when she sees herself. ” Because her happier self has got lost somewhere in the whirlwind of this domesticity. In another scene, when she was asked to shift to Calcutta for training, In a quick reply she declined. That clearly signifies that how mothers are deeply clung to their familial commitments.
Richa Chadda in a supportive role has earned the title of being a “badass” actor after playing challenging roles like “Bholi” in Fukrey, “Nagma Khatoon” in Gangs of Wasseypur and now in Panga as “Meenu”.
She portrays a zesty, spunky and a cool women kabaddi coach – a treat to watch.
Jassie Gill is extremely endearing and identifiable as a supportive and benign husband.
Adi as a kid who becomes a catalyst for her mother’s (Kangana Ranaut) comeback to sports is a small explosive. He just steals the show with his every scene.
Pretty Neena Gupta, who made her presence count with just one scene when she asks Jaya to take her name too while crediting and appreciating her family for her success.
All in all, “Panga” is all electrified by humour and positivity. It’s a celebration of women who refuses to put an end to their goals and wants to paint the town red with their passion and achievement. Giving it 3.5 stars out of 5, the movie is an inspiration on its own and will induce you to take a panga in your life. Just in case, you are missing motivation in life, simply watch the movie and walk out galvanized!

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