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Jennifer Winget Praised for Sharing Unedited Underarms Photo



jennifer winget feature image

TV actress Jennifer Winget recently shared an unedited photo of her underarms from photoshoot. Actress is seen wearing a beautiful black dress and smokey makeup against the backdrop of an outdoor rustic setting. In one of the photos, the actress is standing with her arm raised and her arm pit is not edited or retouched. Many people are praising the actress in the comments calling her ‘authentic, natural and inspiring women’.

Another Instagram user, @megha_on_the_go commented,”This is the reality of every human being without editing.. just like my underarms, just like your underarms. This is what today’s youth needs to know. The reality. And not just youth but everyone.”

It is a common practice for celebrities to retouch and edit their photographs before posting on social media. It is praiseworthy for Jennifer to take such a bold step and boost the confidence of youth all over the country.