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India’s 2nd phase of repatriation to run till mid-June covering multiple global sites



NEW DELHI: India has launched into the second phase of repatriation Mission from 16th May and this phase will last till 13th June.

The government is looking to bring back its nationals from 47 countries on 162 flights. In this phase, Istanbul, Ho Chi Minh city, Lagos, have been included and flights to the USA and Europe are included. The government is also looking at developing Frankfurt as a hub.

“We are also receiving our nationals stranded abroad onboard flights from other countries which are coming in to evacuate nationals of those countries. We are bringing back our nationals from far flung areas like Argentina, South Africa, Peru, Mongolia, etc,” MEA Spokesperson said.

A flight from Buenos Aires arrived on Thursday morning with a total of 62 Indian nationals. About 300 pilgrims from Ladakh arrived on 17May onboard Mahaan Air flight from Iran. Other flights from Djibouti and Hong Kong have brought in Indian nationals stranded in those places.

“Today is day 15 of the Vande Bharat Mission. As of today afternoon, 23475 Indian nationals have safely returned under this Mission. They include 4883 workers, 4196 students, 3087 professionals among others,” the spokesperson added.

There are 259001 people registered to return from 98 countries. Most of those who have registered to return are workers 28%, students about 25%, professionals 14.5%, short-term visa holders like tourists 7.6%. Then there are others like fishermen, deportees, those granted amnesty etc.

In terms of numbers, among those with compelling reasons registered to return, 16991 are those facing medical emergencies and8746 pregnant women & elderly persons.

The government is also facilitating travel of nationals as well as foreign nationals on outbound flights under Vande Bharat Mission. Three flights to the UK on 16th, 18th and 20th May have already left. Two flights have departed to the US on 18th and 20th May. There are four more flights scheduled to the US and two to Frankfurt.

Source :economictimes

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