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Indian Filmmaker gave a disgusting advice to girls after Hyderabad Case; Netizens Angry



The internet is already angry with the gang-rape murder case that took place a few days back in Hyderabad. Post the incident, the police have arrested all the culprits but the investigation is still in process. One of the self-proclaimed filmmakers Daniel Shravan posted on Facebook giving disgusting advice to girls. He said: “Girls should not deny sexual desires of men.”

He made a post on Facebook which soon was deleted. The post said:

“Government should encourage legalize Rape Without Violence Scheme (No Killing after Rape). Girls above 18 should be educated on rapes (i.e. girls should not deny the sexual desires of men). Only then these type of things will not happen. It is foolishness that killing Veerappan will control smuggling, killing Laden will control terrorism. In the same way, the “Nirbhaya Act” can’t control “Rapes with Violence”. Especially Indian girls should be aware of sex education (carrying condoms and dental dams after the age of 18). Simple Logic….when the sexual desire is fulfilled men wouldn’t kill women. The government should pass a scheme something like this to control deaths after rape. Society, women organizations and government are frightening rapists with Nirbhaya Act, pepper spray, etc. Rapists are not finding a way to get their bodily sexual desires and getting these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes crime (killing). Better women should accept men’s sex.”

Soon after the post, the filmmaker received multiple hate comments due to which he immediately deleted the post and deactivated his social handles. Enraged netizens blasted at the filmmaker including one of the actors Kubbra Sait who said: “Whoever this Daniel Shravan is: needs medical help.”


Source: India Today

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