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Idol made of 2,100 kg of ‘desi ghee’ to be installed in Himachal temple for Makar Sankranti



Preparations for the installation of an idol of goddess Bajreshwari Devi, made of 2,100 kg of clarified butter in a famous Hindu temple in Himachal Pradesh are in full swing.  The idol is being prepared by using “desi ghee” after purification with holy water 101 times by temple priests.

It will be open for the public on early Wednesday. Temple official Apoorv Sharma said that the idol would be removed from the “pindi” or iconography of the goddess on January 20 and its “prasad” would be distributed amongst the people. It is believed the idol butter cures chronic skin ailments and joint pain.

According to a legend, when the goddess was injured during a fight with demons, her wounds were treated with butter by gods on Makar Sankranti, a major harvest festival celebrated in various parts of the country. Every year, the preparations for installing the butter idol begin on Makar Sankranti, which is celebrated as a week-long festival at the temple.

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