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House help robs branded clothes worth Rs 4 lakh from employer’s home



A domestic help hired a month ago robbed branded clothes worth Rs 4 lakh from the employer’s home. The incident happened in Sita Nagar near Bharat Nagar Chowk.

Soni Devi, an 18-year-old girl was hired by the victims for domestic help around a month ago. The woman was hired without police verification.  The middleman had told the employers that Soni’s sister had robbed from a house previously. In spite of being warned by the middleman of the possibility of theft, the victims didn’t pay much heed.

On Tuesday, Naveen (owner) and his wife were at work while their two children and mother were at home. The three of them were in one room. Meanwhile, Soni packed branded clothes and took cash Rs 5000 from a room. The CCTV cameras have captured Soni handing over a suitcase and a carry bag to two girls outside their home at around 12:30 pm. She handed over another bag to the girls.

Investigating officer told that the police have her Adhaar card and mobile number. She was last traced at Sunder Nagar near Basti Jodhewal but now they couldn’t find her.

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