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Hope Ladakh clash has made clear that silence not an option for India: Dolkon Isa




The recent border crisis has shown that silence is not an option and India must hold China accountable for atrocities against Uyghurs, Dolkon Isa, President of World Uyghur Congress, told Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury from an undisclosed location. Excerpts:

What do you expect from India?

India has refused to condemn China for attrocities committed against Ughyurs. Even now, the Indian government is not holding China publicly accountable for its cruelty against us. We hope that the recent border crisis has made clear that silence is not an option. The Chinese government is a threat to global security. What is happening to the Uyghurse is spreading. If India does not take action, the rights and freedom of its own citizens will soon be at risk. India is one of the largest democracies. It has a responsibility to speak out for the ongoing atrocity of its neighboring states.

Do you think Uyghurs would face anew wave of persecution ?

The existence of Uyghurs is under threat due to the genocidal policies of China. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has shown a total disregard for human life and for any voices besides the party’s. It is not a coincidence that China has conflicts with most of its neighbours. Although they preach “win-win” solutions, the CCP acts only in its own interests and has no regard for human life. Uyghurs have been enduring persecution and the situation continues to get worse as the CCP is emboldened by the lack of a meaningful response from the international community.

How far is PLA’s aggression in Ladakh linked with its moves in Xinjiang ?

It is, to some degree, an extension of China’s policies and attitudes towards Uyghurs. The Chinese government colonised East Turkistan and repressed the Uyghur people for decades. They have been allowed to bully those around them with minimal pushback.

Has the international community done enough to pressurise Beijing to be more accountable ?

In the past three years, Uyghurs have been forced to endure mass arbitrary detention in camps, modern slavery, mass sterilisation. There have been efforts to decrease the Uyghur population, destroy mosques, graveyards, shrines and sites of historical, cultural and religious importance. Chinese have even banned Uyghur language in schools. A new report provides concrete evidence that the CCP is deliberately trying to diminish the Uyghur population.


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