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Has the craze of Valentines Day gone down in the city ?



The craze for Valentine’s Day seems to have come down in the city this time. The footfall in markets is comparatively very less this year. The markets, though beautifully decorated, have a low footfall of Valentine’s Day.

There are several reasons for subdued activity in markets. The board examinations are approaching and youngsters are busy preparing for the exams. Shopkeepers maintain that gone are the days when youngsters would visit shops to buy teddy bears, roses, chocolate boxes, and other such stuff. Now, options of gifts, too, have changed.

A shopkeeper at a leading store in Ghumar Mandi said there was not much craze for Valentine’s Day this time. “No one buys those traditional gifts such as heart-shaped balloons, teddy bears, junk jewelry, etc. Now, youngsters are much aware, understand choices of their friends and do shopping accordingly. The leading brands have huge discounts to offer, and youngsters prefer buying things online or from malls, which is more convenient to them,” said the shopkeeper.

The leading markets of Ludhiana, namely, Sarabha Nagar, Ghumar Mandi, Model Town, and BRS Nagar usually remain full of activity around Valentine’s Day when youngsters throng these places to spend time with their loved ones. They exchange gifts, go on the “Geri” route, sit in restaurants to spend time with each other. However, that feeling seems to bee missing in the markets this time.

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