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Haibowal mans gets cheated on OLX, loses 1.3 lakh



Online frauds have become quite common these days.  Internet and online shopping have made the world a small place an has given a platform for fraudsters to cheat people.  In a recent incident, a man from Haibowal was duped by a fraudster on OLX.  Mohit Kumar of Haibowal wanted to buy a second-hand car online and searched on OLX for the same. Mohit found a person selling second-hand Alto on the website. The dealer introduced himself as an army man, Lakha Singh. Lakha Singh told Mohit that he is being transferred and wished to sell his car away. So he asked Mohit to deposit the amount of Rs 1.35 lakh in his bank amount and promised to deliver the car at Mohit’s home.

Mohit never received the car. In spite of calling the accused numerous times, he never responded to any calls. This is when Mohit realised that he has been duped.  He then filed a complaint at the police station. A case was registered against the accused under sections 420, 120B of the Indian Penal Code and section 66 of the Information and Technology Act. The accused is being traced by the police.

Many cases have been reported in the city in the past few months. From mobile phones to air conditioners to motorbikes – city residents have given away money and have been cheated numerous times.