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Ghar Ghar Paani, Ghar Ghar Nuksaan – Kahan hai Modi sarkar?



Beginning from extreme summers the entire country is now drowned in floods. From Kerala to Karnataka to Bihar to Assam to Maharashtra to Punjab – people are suffering everywhere. A week ago, the Bhakra dam released excess water into Sutlej river which led to floods in 326 villages of Punjab. Bhakra dam increased the flow of water from 55,000 cusecs to 77,000 cusecs. After 31 years, the Sutlej river has recorded the highest flow and is carrying 75,000 cusecs more water beyond its capacity of around 2 lakh cusecs.

Government’s Take on Punjab’s condition
Meanwhile, the Modi government at a meeting in Delhi provided teams for each state which is suffering from floods except Punjab. CM Captain Amarinder Singh recently commented on the same saying that the centre might not be ready to help but the state is working towards relief. In a letter to the PM, CM has also asked for a relief package of 1000 crore. It is interesting to note here that in spite of it being disastrous, national media has turned a blind eye towards the condition in Punjab. A state which gave the country thousands of brave soldiers in times of war is left handicapped by the nation during their hour of need.

A stalemate condition restored by NGOs
Amongst the NGOs which are working towards providing disaster relief is Khalsa Aid. Around 100 volunteers of this NGO have been tirelessly working towards rescuing villagers and providing them with relief material. Furthermore, there are a few other NGOs which are collecting relief material. Even the Khalsa Aid’s founder has been tweeting about national media and central government’s irresponsible behavior.

Discrimination towards Punjab evident online
Zomato and Paytm gives users the facility to donate for floods but nothing has been done for Punjab. If celebrities like Kapil Sharma talks about floods, he is bashed by people on social media but when big names of the punjabi and hindi film industry like Honey Singh, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and Gippy Grewal forget the condition of Punjab, Why is it not highlighted? It is shocking to see that national media is ignoring the plight of Punjabis and PM Narendra Modi is reluctant to provide necessary relief.

Suffering is suffering- Whether it is a Marathi, Assamese, Oriya or a Punjabi. It’s time we stop mixing politics with national issues, instead work together as one for the betterment of the Indians.

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