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Ganga Water Quality Improves 40-50% Amid Coronavirus Lockdown



Ganga Water Quality Improves 40-50 per cent Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The water quality of Ganga river has significantly improved, according to an IIT-BHU professor, due to industries being shut and people confined to their homes for days following the imposition of the 21-day lockdown,

This improvement is attributed to the lack of industrial waste polluting the waters according to Dr P K Mishra, a professor at the institute’s Chemical Engineering department.

“One-tenth of the pollution in Ganga river comes from industries. As industries are shut due to lockdown, situation has become better. We have seen 40-50 per cent improvement in the Ganga. It is a significant development,” Mishra told news agency ANI. The Ganga’s water level has also increased with rainfall on March 15 and 16, he said, adding that this will help to increase the cleaning capacity of the river.

The people of Varanasi also noticed the change in the quality of water and were happy with the improvement. “There is a lot of difference between when we see the water of the Ganga river today and what used to be earlier. Today, the water looks clean,” ANI quoted a local as saying. He also said that the people are also not taking bath at the ghats which could have been another factor in the improvement of the quality of water. “If this is the condition in 10 days, then I believe Ganga river will be like it used to be earlier,” he added. Another local said nobody could have predicted that the lockdown would have such effect on the environment.

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