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Frontline Doctor shares a message for her kids in case she dies of Coronavirus



Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the world. Not just patients but the frontline medical staff are at risk due to this deadly disease. A doctor shared a heartbreaking message for her kids in case she dies of coronavirus. Doctor Cornelia Griggs from New York tweeted that if she passes away, she wants her children to know that ‘mommy tried really hard to do her job’.

The pictures, videos, and posts of various doctors are getting viral on the social media. Watching them unable to meet their children and family is breaking netizens hearts and compelling us to say that “These people are the real heroes.”

Later on, the doctor shared a small conversation with her daughter via Tweeter. Really, hats off to all the doctors, medical staff and to everybody who is directly or indirectly saving the world of Coronavirus.

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