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For the first time in Delhi, No Durga Idol was immersed in Yamuna



On the occasion of Durga Pooja, Delhi people broke a 100-year record and did not immerse even a single idol in the Yamuna. As per the sources, approximately 89 artificial pools were set up in the city in order to keep the river clean from the immersion process. Instead of going to the Yamuna, all the vehicles were ordered to bring idols to these artificial ghats. At the ghats, the Delhi residents were asked to follow eco-friendly ways to submerge the idol after offering their prayers.

Delhi Police closely monitored the occasion and created awareness amongst the people to not pollute Yamuna river. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal also kept a check on the immersion process and made sure the rules are not violated. He tweeted:

Happy by the act, Delhi citizens enjoyed Durga Pooja wholeheartedly and bid adieu to the diety in an eco-friendly way. Isn’t that a fabulous step towards a clean and green environment? Well done, Delhi!

Author at Ludhiana Live Media. Her work combine elements of magic realism, satire and historical fiction – Based in Ludhiana and India.