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Expect Foggy Mornings for Ludhiana Residents



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The winter has finally arrived as the days are getting chilly and nights are predicted to be foggy in Ludhiana.The Met department has predicted foggy condition in the next few days as well. “There are chances of fog in the next few days and visibility can fall especially during the morning hours. The intensity of the fog can be moderate,” said officials of the Met Department in Chandigarh. He said there were less chances of weather disturbance in the next few days and dry conditions were likely to prevail in the city.

In the meanwhile, fog brought down visibility in Ludhiana to 400 metre at 8.30am on Friday. The visibility later improved to 2,000 metre and 2,500 metre at 11.30 am and 2.30 pm, respectively as haze was witnessed in the city. At 5.30 pm, the visibility dropped to 1,500 metre. As per the Met department, the maximum day temperature in city was recorded at 23.7 degree Celsius. On Thursday, the day temperature in Ludhiana was recorded at 23.4 degree Celsius. The minimum night temperature on Friday was recorded at 7.6 degree Celsius which is normal, but 2.9 degrees more than a day before.

In the meanwhile, the Met department website predicts rise in the day temperature to 24 degree Celsius till Saturday and later falling to 23 degree Celsius till Monday. Whereas, the night temperature is expected to rise to 9 degrees next week.

The residents are advised to bundle up and drive safely.