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Firing from rooftop, shot point blank: How they were killed



The brutality with which Vikas Dubey and his armed band of criminals murdered the eight policemen in a well-laid ambush indicates that he had decided to kill them right at the moment they stepped onto this turf.

Dubey and other criminals did not merely keep firing indiscriminately from the rooftops but also took their aim carefully and targeted the policemen by going after them and shooting them point blank in the head and the chest — to ensure their immediate death.

Police officers, who managed to build sequence of events that led to this carnage, said the team came under heavy firing as soon as they crossed the JCB blockade which Dubey had laid as a part of his ambush strategy.

Taken by surprise, team of cops looked for cover in the middle of village as they could not have gone back due to the JCB and their own vehicles blocking the four foot wide concrete road.

Five policemen had taken shelter in small 2×5 foot toilet, just few metres away from Dubey’s house.

A group of criminals kept firing at the structure not allowing the cops crammed in that small space to retaliate.

Another group reached the front of the toilet and killed them.

No less than four constables were shot multiple times in the back and the chest and the sub-inspector Nebulal with them who was behind them had one gun-shot, said the officials.

Sub inspector Atul Singh was shot multiple times outside the Dubey’s old house in which he was trying to get in.

Station officer Shivrajpur Mahesh Yadav had managed to enter the house of Prem Prakash Pandey and hid himself behind the gunny sacks. He was shot seven times in the back and chest by criminals who came off the roof tops. Dubey and few of his men cornered circle officer Mishra inside the house of Pandey. He had jumped the wall to get in the open space when Dubey arrived with an axe. He hit him with it many a times on leg and other parts of the body. As he lay on the ground Dubey shot him in the head and walked out of the house, officials said.

In the village, the walls of the houses bear the testimony of vehemence with which the criminals acted and fired in all the directions.

“It is clear that right from the beginning Dubey did not want anyone to leave the village alive; he wanted them dead. That is why the criminals shot the policemen not one but many times to make sure they are dead. They were brutal,” said a senior officer.


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