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FIR Booked – 60-year-old mother of seven children wants to marry a 22-year-old



In a weird incident, a 60-year-old woman fell in love with a 22-year-old and intends to marry. Yes, you read it right! This incident took place in Agra, where the police booked an FIR against a 22-year-old boy for disturbing the peace in the area.

As per the information, a 22-year-old boy fell in love with a 60-year-old woman who is a mother of seven children and grandmother of seven others. Both of them decided to marry each other when the woman’s husband intervened and tried to break the relationship. Adamant on their demand for marriage, the duo started fighting with both the families which attracted the attention of the neighbours.

In order to stop 22-year-old boy, woman’s husband and son filed an FIR for disturbing the peace in the area. The cops too told the couple that they need to change their minds and not pursue their love. The police are trying to pacify the families and solve the matter.

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