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Family robbed in daylight; Police says ‘No need to file FIR’



A resident of Daba Road, Ludhiana filed a complaint against the robbery which took place 3 months back at his house. Sharing his plight, Arun Kumar said that he lives with his wife, mother, brother and his wife at Shaheed Ajit Singh colony. He and his brother work at Sahnewal Airport as electricians.

The victim said that on 17th September 2019, while he was at work three men break enter their residence and robbed the house. The incident happened as their house door knocked and entered the house without permission. Not only this, but he also tried to manhandle his wife and mother and asked for all the cash and jewelry. Sidelining the members, the robber kept the knife on the victim’s 3-month old child and threatened to kill him.

Arun revealed that the robbers took all the cash and 800-1000 grams gold (8-10 tola) and ran away from the main door. The victim immediately visited a nearby police station to file a complaint against the robber, but shockingly, the authorities denied and said: “There is no need to file an FIR.”

Arun and his brother continuously visited Daba police station to seek justice but the police gave reasons and neglected the case. Dejected by the act, he went to the councilor and filed a complaint against the police authorities and the robbers. After two months of regular visits, letters, and meetings, the police finally registered a case against the robbers and has initiated a manhunt to nab them.

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