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Elli AvrRam revealed incidents of casting couch and sexism in Bollywood



Sweden born and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Elli AvrRam recently revealed that she had to struggle a lot in the initial days. Elli says that within months of coming to the country, she felt dejected. People commented on her, weight, her forehead, her teeth and even her height. An actor said that she has a short height which is a problem.

On one occasion, Elli went to meet two directors who shook hands with her and while shaking hands they scratched her hand. She didn’t know what it meant. When she told a friend,  he was shocked and told her that it meant they would like to sleep with you.

Elli revealed that she has faced severe sexism in the industry. She was selected for a role and was very excited about it but the actor wanted to replace me.  The producer took a call and replaced me.

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