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Delhi: Woman kills spouse, says he died of Covid-19



NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old woman allegedly teamed up with her lover to strangle her husband, and tried to pass off the murder as a Covid-19 death, in northwest Delhi’s Ashok Vihar. Alerted by locals, police stopped the cremation and got an autopsy conducted on the body, which revealed that the man had been smothered to death.
Police said the victim, Sharat Dass, 46, ran a small shop in the Ashok Vihar area. On May 2, Dass’s wife Anita told her neighbours that she had woken up in the morning to find her husband lying motionless, and that she suspected he had died of the coronavirus infection.

The locals informed the cops about the suspected Covid-19 death in their locality.
Covid death? Wife fails to produce documents.
A Delhi Police team reached the location and asked Anita for details. The woman could not give a proper response. The neighbours told the cops that Dass was in good health and had not appeared to be sick, as claimed by his wife.
“When we asked her for documents, particularly the Covid-19 test results of her husband. There were no documents to establish the illness and her answers were non-satisfactory. The body of deceased was preserved in BJRM mortuary for postmortem, which was done on May 4. Doctor said the cause of death as ‘asphyxia due to ante mortem smothering’. Subsequently, a case of murder under section 302 of IPC was registered and an investigation taken up.” said Vijayanta Arya, DCP, North-West.
Anita was called for questioning and examined at length. She broke down and told the police that she was in love with another man and to get rid of her husband, she had killed him.
Since Sharat was aware about her relationship with another man, the couple would have regular fights, police said. Anita also told them that her husband did not treat her properly.
She said, on the night of May 1, after Dass had fallen asleep, she called up her lover, Sanjay, and asked him to come to the house. The duo then smothered Dass to death with a blanket, she said. The next morning, she decided to cremate the body and told the neighbours he might have died due to coronavirus.

Source :timesofindia

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