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Coronavirus: US recorded 2100 plus deaths in a day



After China, Italy, now the United States of America is struggling with COVID-19 majorly. With 500,000 cases already recorded in the US, the country suffered 2108 fatalities in one day.

As per the John Hopkins Data, the US might soon overtake Italy where 18,848 Covid-19 deaths have happened so far. By Friday night, the US had 18,679 recorded deaths, closely behind Italy. More than 16,000 people have died in Spain and over 13,000 in Germany.

The data revealed: “By Friday night more than 2,108 Americans had died due to the novel coronavirus and 500,399 people had tested positive with the dreaded disease.”

It also reported that New York has become the epicentre of Coronavirus in the USA with 1.7 Lakh recorded until now.

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