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Coronavirus: Punjab’s death rate is three times higher than nation; Experts advise ‘Improve healthcare system’



With 68 cases and 7 deaths in Punjab, the state is still not considered risky and prone to coronavirus. However, the experts, researching and analysing the COVID-19 trend, suggested that Punjab’s death rate is three times higher than the national average. As per the data, the mortality rate in India is 2.75 per cent by Coronavirus, however, Punjab’s is 7.6 per cent.

The state reported 68 cases out of which 7 have passed away because of the disease. It shows that Punjab does not have the highest number of positive cases as compared to Maharashtra, Kerala, or Tamil Nadu whose cases are in three-digit. But the death rate here is alarming.

The higher percentage of death rate might be an indicator of the dwindling healthcare system in Punjab, warn experts. One of the doctors also said that age and immune system also plays a vital role in determining the mortality. However, it would be incorrect to say that Punjab needs to improve its healthcare system in order to fight the disease.

Activist and former registrar of Baba Farid University of Health Sciences, Dr Pyare Lal Garg, said: “the government had taken good measures but it should provide more powers to the Civil Surgeon instead to the Deputy Commissioner because we are amidst a health crisis”.



Source: The Tribune


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