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Continous construction in Ludhiana – A blessing or suffering?



Ludhiana is suffering because of the ongoing construction activities on Ferozepur road. Because of these activities, it has become difficult for the people to travel. This project has choked the entry and exit due to which people have to take inner roads to avoid traffic. Think about the people who reside there and has to consume the amount of dust every day. This project was supposed to ensure easy flow of traffic in the city but instead of doing this, it is disturbing the residents living over there as the noise of honking and unrested machines give the rise to noise and air pollution.

It was told that because of these construction activities, more plants and trees will soon be planted. There is plantation of trees but not to the mark and also the situation of vehicles and traffic is getting worse. To travel from one place to another where this area comes in between is nothing less than a nightmare as these choked roads remain the same throughout the day.

To support this, 6 students from BAJMC 2nd year of PCTE group of institutes- (Ishita, Amogh, Ekam, Piyush, Raphael, and Om Prakash) conducted a survey which included 3 basic questions to get to know the problems faced by the commuters. The first one was that ‘How often is everybody affected by bad traffic?’ and it was surprising that majority answered that they get late daily rather than getting late once or twice. The second question was ‘Total commuting time spent on the road via any vehicle?’ and it was shocking to know that people answered that they drive for more than 3 hours daily followed by people also who say they drive for 1-2 hours daily. The last question was that ‘where do the people usually face traffic in the city?’ A majority believed that Ferozepur road is where they face traffic the most while some said that even Pakhowal road is clogged with traffic whereas the rest answered BRS Nagar, Gill Road, clock tower etc.

Where it used to take 10 – 20 minutes, now it takes 30 – 40 minutes. Also because of small road and traffic, people has stopped to follow rules while driving and they pass the red light in order to reach their destination fast and also so that they cannot get stuck in traffic.


Source: Ishita, Amogh, Ekam, Piyush, Raphael, and Om Prakash

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