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Congress launches nationwide campaign for fuel price rollback



NEW DELHI: The Congress on Monday launched a nation-wide “speak-up” campaign, demanding that the government immediately roll back the recent serial hikes in the prices of petrol and diesel. Top Congress leaders, led by the Gandhis, released video messages across social media and some of them, along with party workers, have also carried out symbolic cycle rides, attacking the government for adding to the hardship of ordinary people by hiking fuel prices, despite the all-time low international crude price.

The campaign will run till July 4–– from the PCC to block levels.

In his message, Rahul Gandhi said while the coronavirus, economic crisis and unemployment “have hit all Indians, both rich and poor, like a ‘tsunami’, the farmers, workers and middle class have been the worst victims. Accusing the government of not only rejecting the Congress’ demand for direct transfer of cash to the poor and an adequate package to protect MSMEs but, instead helping the top 10 industrialists with tax relief, Gandhi said the 22 hikes in petrol/diesel price have been the worst government decision on the people.

“The effect of the rise in diesel and petrol prices are two-fold. One, that you pay directly, and the other indirectly, due to the rise it causes in the prices of consumer products, including essential items,” he said.

Congress chief Sonia Gandhi said, “The government has set a new example of extortion from people through this unjustified increase in petrol and diesel prices. This is not only unjust but also insensitive. I, along with all Congressmen and others, demand the Modi government immediately roll back the increase in prices of petrol and diesel.”


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