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Common Man Problems: Street Stalls gone but parking issues still exist in Ludhiana



Ludhiana police organised a special drive against encroachment in the city. Succesful in this operation, the police had already filed more than 29 FIRs against the shopkeepers having street stalls outside their shops. The common man appreciated the effort but they also highlighted one of the major issues which are still prevailing in Ludhiana.

Finding parking in Ludhiana markets have become a headache in the city with increasing traffic every passing day. Appealing to the police, the residents of Ludhiana requested to look into this matter. Parking woes, especially in Ghumar Mandi and Chaura Bazaar, leaves the commuters with little space. One of the residents of Ludhiana said: “The civic authorities should make parking space available for visitors to Chaura Bazaar and adjoining markets and these roads should be declared vehicle-free zone.”

Admitting the problem, Mayor Balkar Singh Sandhu said that they are planning multi-storey parking for 3500 vehicles under smart city mission. He assured that after encroachment drive they will start with parking issue and soon come up with a complete solution.

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