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City receives relief from cold, but not from delayed trains



This Thursday, the city dwellers got some relief from the shivering cold. According to the Meteorological Department forecast, there is a possibility of cloud cover and drizzle on January 6, due to which the temperature may fall again. On Thursday, the temperature rose to a maximum of 19.8 and a minimum of 2.9 degrees Celsius.

Adampur Delhi flight delayed four hours

Despite the weather having been cleared for two days, the Adampur Delhi flight was delayed by four hours on Thursday.  The SpiceJet flight between Adampur-Delhi sector flew to Delhi at 3:45 pm instead of 11:40 in the morning. Earlier, this flight also left Delhi for Adampur about 4 hours and 12 minutes late. The time of flight from Delhi to Adampur is scheduled at 10:05 in the morning, but the flight left for Adampur at 2:17 pm. Passengers faced a lot of trouble due to the four-hour delay in flight operations.

Sachkhand Express was delayed by a quarter to ten hours

The Sachkhand Express arrived late by almost ten and a half hours due to fog. Similarly, Tatamuri Express was delayed for about four and a half hours, Jamoothavi Express for four and a half hours, Nanded Sachkhand Express was almost 3 hours late, Amritsar Express was about two and a half hours, Jehlum Express was late by two hours. Apart from this, Chhattisgarh Express was delayed for two hours, Jammu Mail Express about one and a half hours.

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