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Chandigarh: Administration puts a ban on Chewing Gums, Pan Masala for 3 months



In order to control the spread of Coronavirus in UT, the Chandigarh administration has imposed a ban on chewing gums, pan masala and other allied items. The reason behind is to control the spread of the disease due to spitting. Arun Kumar Gupta, Principal Secretary, Health, said “the ban had been imposed for a period of three months and officials had been directed to implement it strictly. Several other states had already banned the sale of chewing gum, bubble gum and other pan masalas.”

Apart from this, another official stated: “an amount of Rs 5 crore had been received from the Central Government towards Disaster Response Funds. Even 1,376 MTs of wheat per month are allocated for distribution among the beneficiaries.”

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